Affinity Affinity

Explore and Experiment in Protein Interactions

The perfect platform for Education

The Affinity E- Series by Causeway Sensors is a compact, bench-top Biosensor providing accurate real-time analysis at an accessible price.

The E-Series is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive teaching solution for undergraduate Biochemistry students.

  • Bridging the gap between research and teaching.
  • Introducing standard industrial methodology, including fundamental biological functionalisation and coupling techniques.
  • Study protein interactions, crucial for advancements in drug development and disease detection.

Instrument Spec. & Details

  • The Affinity is a bench-top biosensor, ideally suited for the modern day lab.

  • The Affinity E-Series is used in conjunction with the Access Chip.

  • The Affinity is a cuvette based system designed to accept a wide range of chemicals including acids, bases and solvents. The cuvette volume is 250µL.

  • An integrated paddle can be used (variable speed of motion) to agitate the solution and reduce mass transport effects.

  • The system enables the real-time kinetic studies of protein interactions.

  • Analysis and curve fitting of results will lead to association and dissociation plots from which rate constants and Kd can be derived.

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