Access SERS

Highly sensitive sensor platform for detecting biological interactions

Reproducible Nanostructured SERS Substrate

Highly reproducible plasmonic nanostructure chip for SERS applications. 

The chip is SERS active in the optical wavelength regime 500 - 750nm.

See the following papers for case studies of the Access - SERS Chip:

  • "Wavelength dependence of Raman enhancement from gold nanorod arrays: quantitative experiment and modeling of a hot spot dominated system “ by M. Doherty et al.
  • "Surface-enhanced raman scattering from metallic nanostructures: Bridging the gap between the near-field and far-field responses” by M. Doherty et al.
  • "Application of AAO matrix in aligned gold nanorod array substrates for surface-Enhanced fluorescence and Raman scattering” by S. Damm et al.
  • "Plasmon enhanced fluorescence studies from aligned gold nanorod arrays modified with SiO2 spacer layers” by S. Damm et al.
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