Causeway Sensors Win IOP Start Up Award

Causeway Sensors has received the Institute of Physics (IOP) 2018 Start-up Award. The award recognises the Company’s nanotechnology based point-of-care solution for rapid disease detection, and was presented to Bob Pollard (CEO) at a Parliamentary reception hosted by Alok Sharma MP, the UK Minister for State for Employment.

“The IOP Business Awards recognise and reward companies who have built success on creative applications of physics. They shine a light on the potential of physics to produce cutting-edge technologies, to drive business innovation and growth, and to stimulate far reaching social and economic change. They also remind us that these benefits can only be sustained with continued investment and a healthy supply of physicists and other STEM trained people.” Professor Dame Julia Higgins, Professor, President of the Institute of Physics

Hospital diagnostic processes currently involve turnaround times ranging from several hours to days. Causeway Sensors rapid point-of-care platform will address diagnostic bottlenecks, giving clinicians accurate data in minutes, enabling swift prescription of the correct treatment. Causeway Sensors’ technology will have its greatest impact with infectious diseases such as sepsis, where survival rates drop by 8% for every hour it is untreated.

Commenting on the announcement Bob Pollard, CEO Causeway Sensors said: “We are delighted to win an Institute of Physics Start-Up Award. This is great validation as we apply ground-breaking nanotechnology to healthcare.”

The award is in recognition for the development of a chip with a billion gold nanorods that act as interacting optical antennae. The resonant frequency of these nanostructures is highly sensitive to changes in mass at their surface, making them ideal for biological sensing applications. Causeway Sensors have built an accompanying device that sensitively reads biological detection events at the chip surface.

This award comes following a successful year for Causeway Sensors – during which they secured a £1.2M investment from Kernel Capital, QUBIS and private investors, were shortlisted in the Sunday Business Post top 100 hot start-ups, joined the North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (NWCAM) and were finalists in the Royal Society of Chemistries Emerging Technologies competition.  

The Causeway Sensors team received their award at a Parliamentary reception hosted by Alok Sharma MP