R & D Funding Success

Causeway Sensors awarded R&D project funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Causeway Sensors Limited has received support from Invest NI under the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme. The project, recorded on the ERDF beneficiaries’ website, will be implemented over the next 2 years, undertaking research and development activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of the business. This specific project will help develop Causeway's nanostructure surfaces for applications in the detection of biochemical species.

Prior to the commencement of this project, Causeway Sensors has developed prototype nanostructure surfaces accompanied with a reading device for the detection and quantification of various proteins. This project will look at improving the stability of the active nanostructure surface for long term use. We aim to get the product ready for market. The project will also develop a range of biological coupling schemes to nanostructured surfaces. This will open up a range of new applications for the Causeway Sensors biosensor and sensing surfaces.

Causeway Sensors have recently been awarded a follow-on grant to place minimal viable prototypes into the hands of external validators to get feedback from real-world customer. The feedback will instruct us on the system requirements, system performance and issues concerning ease of use and software integration.