Causeway Sensors featured in Nature Photonics article

Causeway Sensors featured in Nature Photonics article

Causeway Sensors have been featured in a Nature Photonics article entitled “Commericializing Photonics” by Professor Anatoly Zayats of King's College London. In the article, Zayats points out that there are “only a handful of companies currently selling plasmonics products for sensing.” Some examples are Renishaw Diagnostics, the supplier of Klarite, a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate used or the measurement of trace materials in chemical and biological applications, Cabot Corporation, which in 2010 bought Oxonica Materials, a leading developer of SERS materials and detection methods, and Causeway Sensors, a spin-off company from Queen’s University of Belfast that has developed novel nanostructured surfaces for sensing applications.”

The full article can be found in the link below:

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