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Innovative sensing solutions with nanostructures

The originating work stems from a series of EPSRC funded projects over the last decade in the development of nanostructured surfaces that exhibited potential in a range of application from plasmonics to information storage.

In 2010 through the establishment of ANSIN at Queen’s University of Belfast the founders were able to undertake an Invest Northern Ireland Proof of Concept programme in 2011-12 to investigate and demonstrate scale-up manufacture of the nanostructures. Stemming from that project the immediate potential for bio-sensing was realised. This has further been extended to other application areas.

In 2013 though the support of QUBIS Ltd., Queen’s University of Belfast’s renowned vehicle for commercialisation and the support of Angel Investor Dr Hugh Cormican Causeway Sensors Ltd. was established. It has its offices located within the QUBIS environment and has incubation space within the ANSIN facility in the Centre for Nanostructured Media in the School of Mathematics & Physics.

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